Identification and Traceability

We are proud that we have a consistent “Identification and Traceability” Quality Management System. The process is divided into three stages:

* Receiving

* In-process

* Final.

1. Receiving:

A Receiving Ticket is issued to all processing materials or customer tools that are received by our machine shop. The tools serial number is documented, and the tool is identified by painting the “Customer Name” and “Receiving Ticket Number” on it.
The batch number and heat number of materials are also documented in the receiving ticket and in a computerized system for traceability.
Any material that is received without proper documentation or steel stamping will have a Non-Conformance Report issued to it.

2. In-Process:

After issuing a work order for the tools to be repaired or manufacturing, the work order number and/or serial number is painted on the tools.
Sawed materials are issued to the assigned work order, and the heat number of the material is registered to the item on the work order document.
A Material Transfer Ticket is issued to the work order whenever material is used for processing the order.
If by any welding or machining process the identification of the tool is removed the operator responsible shall remark the tool with the identification marking that has been originally on it.
If by any reason the traceability of the tool is lost, that is a very serious matter and a Non-Conformance report shall be issued and a preventive action shall be taken.
A serial number issue log is maintained as quality record.
After in-process inspection, accepted threads are stamped with Drillco stamp “D”

3. Final Identification:

The serial number of the final tool or repaired tool is steel stenciled on it along with the customer name and work order number. Final inspection marking are also painted on the tool.
A shipment report is issued to the material once it is ready to be shipped identifying the work order and serial number of the tool.
API monogram, when required is steel stamped on the tool according to API specifications and by authorized personals only.